Debate Questions

1. What is your political stance on the Payne-Aldrich Bill passed in 1909?

2. Richard Ballinger opened public lands in the west that were originally designated as protected land under the conservation act 1908. How will you attempt to balance the need for protected lands, and the need for a growing national economy?

3. You have all been termed as “Progressive Minded” by both your supporters and opponents, define yourself as a progressive and help us understand why you are more progressive than your opponents.

4. The Republican party has been splitting at its seems for the past 2 years (1910-1912) how do the 2 republican candidates plan on gaining support of their electors and how do the democrats plan to capitalize on this split.

5. What is your stance on the female suffrage movement?

6. There has been a huge Socialist and Communist movement throughout the world and it is beginning to influence American citizens. What do you believe are the negative aspects of both Doctrines?

7. The triple wall of privilege “Tariff’s, Banks, Trusts” have been in place for many years. Since 1861 there has only been one Democratic President, tell me why the Republican Party should remain in power or why they should be removed from power.

8. What is you plan of action to attack the Trusts and Monopolies that still dominate this country?

9. Explain your stance on Foreign Relations focusing on Imperialism and Diplomacy.

10. In 2 minutes explain why you should be President.