Public Works Administration by David Schau and Billy Brown



Long Term Effects
The Public Works Administration (P.W.A) ended in 1940 when President Roosevelt switched priorities from internal improvements to mass producing weapons to sell to the allies in WWII. An even longer lasting effect is seen in the present day economical situation. President Obama is taking the exact same actions as FDR, and part of Obama's New Deal is to work on improving internal roads, schools, airports, and bridges. This directly models the P.W.A of the 1930's.

Short Term Effects
The Public Works Administration created many jobs, mainly construction, for thousands of Americans to complete internal improvements. This not only helped all of the laborers, but also the suppliers' business, such as the concrete makers, and the tool crafters, also on job sights where there were multiple thousands of Americans working, small restaurants and local markets would open. This had a very positive effect because this was not a bail-out plan or an economy stimulator, this was real people earning their own salary to improve our country, instead of our government just tossing it's citizens money and hoping they would spend it.

Fireside Script
David: Hey Billy, I couldn’t help but notice that you’re looking quite confused right now. What’s the deal, pal?
Billy: Well David, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about many different things, one being the Public Works Administration. Someone was talking about it the other day, but I really couldn’t grasp the concept, do you think you could help me out?
David: Certainly! What do you know about it right now?
Billy: Correct me if I’m wrong David, but it sounded like this PWA thing was more or less a job opportunity created in…. 1933?
David: You’ve got it so far! What else do you know?
Billy: Well, occupations, mainly in the construction area, were created for thousands of working Americans. But why? I just don’t understand…
David: Oh Billy, you’re making this so much harder than it really is! It’s really quite simple; FDR’s main reasoning behind the creation of the PWA was to help with internal improvements.
Billy: Internal improvements?
David: Why of course! Things like dams were being created all across the nation, all of which helped the country flourish!
Billy: Dams helped our country flourish?
David: No silly! The creation of dams and other forms of construction lead to the opening of markets and restaurants, which would ultimately generate a profit!
Billy: Ahhh I see it now! So these hardworking Americans were being paid for… well… their hard work!
David: Indeed!
Billy: And all this time I thought this Public Works Administration deal was confusing. You really helped me out, Dave!
David: I do what I can Bill, I do what I can.